Can anyone offer me a bit of advice on the best way to layout a site I am developing<BR><BR>Basically within the main part of the page,I want to display 3 pieces of content: info, news, features. To do this I have 3 other pages which contain the ASP code to query the database.<BR><BR>At first I was going to use frames but decided against it because of the time it takes for frames to load. Then I thought about using Iframes but decided against this because NN doesn&#039;t support it.<BR><BR>Instead I decided to use ASP&#039;s server.execute() to display the content of the 3 external pages which will provide the content for info, news, features which in theory was fine.<BR><BR>My problem is that the height of the table cell I want to display the content in, is only 400 pixels so I need to be able to scroll down the content if it is greater than 400 pixels. <BR><BR>Whilst playing around I created a table of 600 pixels within one of the external pages and found that table height was included in the parent page which is displaying the external page.<BR><BR>So in a round and about way, my question is:<BR><BR>What is the best way to display 3 external pages within a parent page without changing the overall look of the parent page - should I stick to frames?<BR><BR>And is there anyway around this using ASP?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>