I&#039;ve been playing with the DataGrid on a project for work the past few days, and I noticed something Scott said in his DataGrid article series. At the bottom of page 1 of Part 3, he say that if we do NOT do a Page.IsPostBack check (if not Page.IsPostBack), the dispDetails sub will not be called. However, a co-worker and I were having a problem getting the OnItemCommand event to work. I tried it on the site I have been working on (which does not check for IsPostBack), and even though I&#039;m "blindly rebinding the data", it works fine. However, if I put in the check, not only is the dispDetails method not called, but the data is not bound to the control, and therefore the DataGrid is not displaying at all. Does anyone know why that is?<BR><BR>Why does it seem every piece of code I find works differently than the last in .NET ;-)? <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Joe Fiorini