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Thread: instant submission to the db??

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    Default instant submission to the db??

    i would like to make a voting selector.. <BR><BR>i wish to make it submit to the database instantaneosly..<BR><BR>is that possible?? anyone?? its a toughieEE!

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    Default RE: instant submission to the db??

    I am not quite sure what you mean<BR><BR>if you have a submission form that the user enters information into the submit the form and on the response page do an insert to the database then it will be there, can you give more details<BR><BR>Sorry

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    trungie Guest

    Default question redefined here....

    naar.. i was meaning.. a &#039selection menu&#039 and when the user changes the default setting.. then it will submit the change to the database...<BR><BR>e.g. .rating system... 1,2,3,4,5 and when the user clicks on the menu.. it opens.. and clicks 3.. then i want it to send the request 3 to the database..<BR><BR>(then make the menu change the content to something like &#039thanks&#039)<BR>

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