I sure miss IFrames

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Thread: I sure miss IFrames

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    Default I sure miss IFrames

    I REALLY liked using IFrames when I experimented with them 3-4 years ago. Netscape did not support them, so I moved on.<BR><BR>I guess it is still not ok to use them eh?<BR><BR>I understand that many people are *STILL* not upgrading from Netscape 4.x<BR><BR>Too bad there wasn&#039;t a Naturally Occuring Worm that would seek out and destroy all occurances of Netscape :P

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    Default RE: I sure miss IFrames

    *<BR>I have never used IFrames, but I will give you my 2 cents on N4. ;p<BR><BR>Rrrr...yes I still have to support N4.<BR><BR>Even my partner still uses it (i don&#039;t know why though).<BR><BR>

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    Default ILAYER ?

    I think Netscape has supported the ILAYER tag for quite a while now. It seems to be the functional equivalent of the IFRAME tag so with a bit of browser detection you should be in business.

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