I&#039;m having problem updating my datagrid. When I click the update button, the content of the cell stays the same. Although the old row is replace with a new one but the data remain thesame. Everything looks ok since the data in the new row match with the old one, it means I&#039;m accessing the cells correctly. It looks like the data is cached or something. Although I cleared the cache, but the problem persist. Has anyone experience such a thing with datagrid control? Here&#039;s the code I&#039;m using:<BR><BR>protected void MyDataGrid_Update(Object Sender, DataGridCommandEventArgs e) <BR> {<BR>DataTable Cart = (DataTable)Session["ShoppingCart"];<BR>DataView CartView = new DataView(Cart);<BR>string strQuantity= ((TextBox)e.Item.Cells[4].Controls[0]).Text;<BR> string itemId = e.Item.Cells[2].Text;<BR> string item = e.Item.Cells[3].Text;<BR> string price = e.Item.Cells[5].Text;<BR> // Remove old entry<BR> CartView.RowFilter = "Item=&#039;" + item + "&#039;";<BR> if (CartView.Count &#062; 0)<BR> CartView.Delete(0);<BR> CartView.RowFilter = "";<BR> //Add new entry.<BR> DataRow DR = Cart.NewRow(); <BR> DR[0] = itemId;<BR> DR[1] = item;<BR> DR[2] = strQuantity;<BR> DR[3] = price;<BR> Cart.Rows.Add(DR);<BR> CartList.EditItemIndex = -1;<BR><BR>DataTable CartListTable = (DataTable)Session["ShoppingCart"];<BR>DataView CartListView = new DataView(CartListTable);<BR>if (CartList.Attributes["SortExpression"] != null )<BR> {<BR>CartListView.Sort = CartList.Attributes["SortExpression"];<BR> } <BR> CartList.DataSource = CartListView;<BR> CartList.DataBind();<BR> BindTotalList();<BR> }