Can i get Help on SQL here also.

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Thread: Can i get Help on SQL here also.

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    Default Can i get Help on SQL here also.

    i need to join data from 3 tables, where only 2 of them have common fields. none of them have id's. the problem is with the 3rd table. Its a long list of comments. and when i complete the statement. the columns on the left will have completed the query, but since the long column isnt done it will repeat everything until that column is done. my question is how do i join 3 tables when only 1 & 3 have common fields, and 2 & 1 have common fields?

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    Why not? : - )<BR><BR>SELECT t1.*, t2.*, t3.*<BR>FROM Table1 t1, Table2 t2, Table3 t3<BR>WHERE t1.Apples=t2.Apples<BR>AND t1.Oranges=t3.Oranges<BR><BR>Does this help? If not, post your broken query.

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    Default I guess

    something like this<BR><BR>select .....<BR>from Table1 T1<BR>inner join Table2 T2<BR>on(T1.Column = T2.column)<BR>inner join Table3 T3<BR>on(T1.Column = T3.column)<BR>

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