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    I am really thrilled about these menus and roll overs. But this is what I want.<BR><BR>In a MSACCESS DATABASE, there is 1 main categ, sub1, sub2, etc. Now i want to create a menu calling the table of the abv said database as follows :<BR><BR>1. all the main categories should be displayed on loading. Now on mouseover, menu should open with subcategs, then on further mouse over of submenus, another thing popsup.<BR><BR>All these rollovers must be dynamically created. i.e even if the no.of data in each sub category increases, the menu should increment automatically..<BR><BR>Hope iam clear..<BR><BR>is this possible ...??

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    yes, it&#039;s definately possible. I am currently working on the same thing. the main thing being that all your menu information (main menu, sub1, sub2) must be relational. just use the main as a starting point, get it&#039;s ID, and use that ID to get sub1&#039;s ID, and use that ID to get sub2&#039;s ID. as you get all the info, just output the appropriate javascript. I&#039;m sorry, i can&#039;t get into specifics as I don&#039;t have the time, but that&#039;s essentially the way it should go.<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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