Imperative operation or waste of time?

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Thread: Imperative operation or waste of time?

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    Default Imperative operation or waste of time?

    I hadn&#039;t heard of this before, but it seems like a very good starting point for any kind of intelligent machine.<BR><BR>The way our brains work is by taking small facts and combining them with logical reasoning into a decision or outcome. This project is aimed at filling a system with those small facts, and giving it the ability to use the logical reasoning.<BR><BR>OK, so it&#039;s a slight generalisation in terms of Humans - we don&#039;t have to sit down and think things through from the axioms of the situation, we make assumptions much higher up the logic chain. But then again, what&#039;s to stop it start doing that once it has all the facts?<BR><BR>What&#039;s to stop it starting to &#039;learn&#039; facts, based on what it perceives (or is told), and what it already &#039;knows&#039;? Reasoning which is likely and which is not.<BR><BR>Anyway, what does everyone else reckon? I could see some very nice uses for this technology. Possibly not a &#039;HAL&#039;, but maybe a Star Trek &#039;Computer&#039;. Suddenly doesn&#039;t feel that far off any more!<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Dude, That's wack!


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