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    Sorry i had to ask this simple question, can 2 javascripts run in the same page. <BR><BR>because i had this javascript calendar function but i also need to check for the textbox to make sure it had no empty spaces. but all i could find for the required function is in javascript language. <BR><BR>i have tried using them but the 2nd script; the checking for required entry (textbox) is not working. i wanted to make sure that the textbox is not empty so as to allow user to click and goto next page. <BR><BR>Thanks for your help. <BR>

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    Default 1000 scripts could run...

    ...on the same page.<BR><BR>The trick is to control *WHEN* each script runs.<BR><BR>The validation function *usually* (but not necessarily) should be called from the onSubmit event handler in the &#060;FORM&#062; control.<BR><BR>&#060;FORM Name=... Action=... onSubmit="return validate( this );"&#062;<BR><BR>

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