hi folks,<BR>i m getting create object error at<BR> http://www.websamba.com/ajsingh/login/checkpassword.asp<BR><BR>read the checkpassword.asp at www.websamba.com/ajsingh/ajsingh/login/checkpassword.txt<BR><BR>login is at www.websamba.com/ajsingh/login/login.asp<BR><BR>i have just started toying with ASP..this is a sample script i got from a frnd.<BR><BR>this script works fine on my pws...<BR>i just created my act with websamba.com and got the error regarding Create Obj via the web.<BR><BR>any great will be greatly appreciated.<BR>thx a lot in advance..<BR><BR>bye<BR><BR>a well-wisher<BR>appan<BR>0(:-{)<BR><BR>appanjitsingh@hotmail.com<BR><BR>this script works fine on my pws<BR><BR> any suggestions<BR> my code for create object is<BR> Set PasswordFileObject=Server.CreateObjectJ("Scripting .FileSystemObject")<BR><BR>ps: if you know anyother free asp hosting, plz let me knwo thx