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    i have a pull down selec that has it&#039;s values set as numeric values 1, 2, 3...and so on. I did this because i use the pull down for a few different things so the values have to be equatable to different things depending on what i am doing at the time. also what they are eqatable to changes from time to time so i thought numeric values with an array that equates them to the real values i need for each specific case was a much better way to go. the problem i have now changed things slightly i need to get the info out of the select swap it with a "real" value and then put it into a hidden field where it can be acessed by my database add function. it needs to go in the hidden field because the function that does the add is dynamic is just knows to look for fields 0 threw whatever read their data format the data, write and INSERT then run it so i cannot say when you get the field one run this sap the swap must be run before the insert. any ideas on how i could do this. i have been using javascript for other such swaps but that does not work here because the array is in server side VBSCRIPT.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>andrew

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    Default Yeah, use the Shift key...

    .. on the keyboard, occasionally.<BR><BR>People usually use it at the start of sentences and when they refer to the word "I".<BR><BR>And, paragraphs are great things - hitting Enter does a world of good for the skin.<BR><BR>See how easy to read this post is? Now, compare it to yours.

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