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    I am creating a data entry form which requires you to specify an entry&#039;s related state, region and/or country. Not every entry will have all three values (e.g. the entry may just have a related region and country or just a country). <BR><BR>One db table lists all the states and its related region (e.g. New England, etc.) and its related country (e.g. US). These drop-down fields on the form are currently created by a db query. It has been requested that when a State is chosen from the dropdown, the form will be repopulated with the applicable region and country (perhaps in an uneditable text input field??). In addition, if a state is not chosen but a region is, then the form will be repopulated with the applicable country. Any suggestions or places to look on how to do this? <BR><BR>Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    try this<BR><BR>

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