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    Default Download ASP RecordSets

    Viewers filter the recordsets by selecting an option from a drop down list - then a second filter occurs from a second drop down list - then the records display. Question: Need a simple way to download the displayed records.

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    Default Welp, for starters

    recordsets are server side, and can't be sent to the client. However, depending on the size of the recordset, you could maybe dynamically build some javascript to do this.

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    Default Depends on what you mean download

    and on what format you want it in. You can use the FileSystemObject (see faqs: to create a text file and then create a URL that points to it.<BR><BR>If you want to do something a little more complex, (like creating an Excel Spreedsheet or MS Access database) then look into using ADOX. an article on ADOX is availabale here:

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