Hi there,<BR><BR>Am facing problems with the amount of memory being used by this aspnet_wp.exe. I understand that the asp.net engine (aspnet_wp.exe) starts building all the applications during the first hit to the website requesting for the aspx file.<BR><BR>My first problem is, for the first time when i request for an aspx file, i get the exception "Unhandled exception: application is restarting....". On refreshing, the page loads correctly. Why is this happening? Do you suspect my asp.net engine is not configured properly? If so, kindly provide me with the necessary information to overcome this.<BR><BR>My second problem, once the aspnet_wp.exe is loaded into the memory, it stays in memory until i end IIS Admin services. While in the memory, it is eating up 70-80% of the system resources along with inetinfo service. I can see this happen in Task Manager. Resulting which, the performance of the OS (Windows 2000 server) is slowed down drastically. I can notice that my machine works perfectly alright when IIS Admin service is stopped. In other words, if aspnet_wp is ended/killed. Give me a solution for this too, please. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Bragadish.<BR>