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    I&#039ve started out learning ASP with JScript, since I am reasonably familiar with JavaScript. Most of the examples seem to be given in VBScript, though. Is it the preferred scripting language, pros/cons?<BR><BR>I can&#039t find a direct equivalent to the IsNull (VBScript method). I read a database, and declare a var, email - if this doesn&#039t exist I need to skip some lines of HTML.<BR><BR>In VBScript:<BR>If IsNull(email)<BR>Response.Write<BR><BR>How do I do the same in JScript, I&#039ve tried<BR>if (email != "")<BR>if (email !== "") no data type conversion<BR>and if (email != null)<BR><BR>none work?

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    VBscript seems to be the preferred language for server-side processing of asp scripts. Jscript seems to be the preferred language for client-side processing. IMHO that is.<BR><BR>I&#039ve used VBscript exclusively on my ASP pages and been very happy with it.<BR><BR>cheers,<BR>troy the asp boy<BR>

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