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    My SQL query which compares the record with current date is not working. <BR>strSQL = "Select * From File_Master Where Expiry &#062;= #"& Date &"# AND FileID IN (Select FileID From AccessDetails Where VCode "&strVCode &")"<BR><BR>If I do select * and Response.Write("ObjRS.Expiry") and Response.Write("ObjRS.Expiry") both will be printed in dd/mm/yyyy format. But for the above query it will not display any records. Please help. I put this page on the server on 14th May and it was working till for 31st May. After that it started giving empty recordset. Please help as two of my pages are not working due to this problem.

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    Default Access dates *MUST* be mm/dd/yyyy

    Or they can be ISO format, yyyy-mm-dd.<BR><BR>But they can *NOT* be dd/mm/yyyy.<BR><BR>Use the ISO solution if your ASP server is not in the United States. There is a good article on about the ISO format; the article appeared in February of this year.<BR><BR>See also the ASPFAQs (link at top right corner of this page) and the category Dates and Times.<BR><BR>

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