What is a newsgroup?

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Thread: What is a newsgroup?

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    Default What is a newsgroup?

    Hi i just wanted to know what exactly a newsgroup is and how it can be programmed in ASP, thanks for your time.

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    Default A lot like a forum...

    ...but newsgroups are part of the internet, a part that started long long before Web pages did.<BR><BR>You can&#039;t program one in ASP, because they use a special kind of server, not a Web server at all.<BR><BR>The URL of a news group starts with "news://" (just as the URL of web pages starts with "http://"), but only some browsers can link you to a news group.<BR><BR>If you have OUTLOOK EXPRESS, you can try using it to connect to news groups, assuming the ISP you are using allows them. <BR><BR>Any, there is no connection between news groups and web pages and ASP, so give it up.<BR><BR>

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