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    is that safe to use?!<BR>i can&#039t get any value with netscape...<BR><BR>can i just write:<BR>&#060;%<BR>x=request.serverVaribales.htt p_refferer &#039or something like that<BR>&#039 and then:<BR>response.write(x) &#039 for example...<BR><BR>%&#062;

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    You are using it incorrectly:<BR><BR>Create two pages, 1.asp and 2.asp. In 1.asp, just have a hyperlink to 2.asp. In 2.asp, use the following code:<BR><BR>You just came from &#060;%=Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERRER")%& #062;<BR><BR>Now, visit 1.asp through your browser, click on the link, and you will see: "You just came from http://localhost/1.asp" (or whatever server you&#039re on)

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