I just wanted a little help trying to understand what context is/means. <BR><BR>According to the msdn site this is a description of context "Encapsulates all HTTP-specific information about an individual HTTP request." I have questions about that though. So, is context user dependant/based? I have some example code that uses context, and it&#039;s cache. So, how long will stuff be kept in the context cache? And, will other users be able to access this cache if I want them too? Can I setup an admin page that will let me reset this cache? Sort of like this context.Cache[UserNameOfUserBeingChanged] = new Object;<BR><BR>Please just let me know more about context. <BR><BR>Thanks. <BR><BR><BR>Person p = (Person)context. Cache[context.User.Identity.Name]; <BR>if (null == p) <BR>{ <BR> context.User = new Person(context.User.Identity); context.Cache[context.User.Identity.Name] = context.User;<BR> <BR>} <BR>else <BR>{ <BR> context.User = p; <BR>}