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    Default Datagrid sorting

    Is the database requeried when the sort event is raised on a datagrid in an aspx file? Or, does it just sort the dataset and redisplay it? It seems that the sort is taking just as long as querying it from the database with an order by?

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    Default I would bet...

    ...on a requery.<BR><BR>But why not follow the code? If the sort event is handled in the server, then that&#039;s your answer, isn&#039;t it? I doubt that the server is retaining the contents of the datagrid in memory from one page hit to the next (that would be a good way to make the Web server die an early death). So it must be doing a re-query, in that event.<BR><BR>Maybe time to write your own client-side code to do the sorting?<BR><BR>

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