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    Here is my situation.. <BR>From the main page I am using XMLHTTP Post method to call the server side asp page to update a record,the ASP page is getting called and the record is updated but I&#039;m getting an error <BR>&#039;The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available&#039; <BR>in the main page where I&#039;m checking the response from the Post. <BR>Here&#039;s my code (VBScript) <BR>set httpobj = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") <BR> "POST", "addressupdate.asp?userid=" & userid & "&userintid=" & userintid,false <BR>httpobj.send <BR>returnXML = httpobj.responseText --- getting error in this line.. <BR>Thanks for your help. <BR>

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    Default I had the same problem...

    ...when using POST with an older version of the component.<BR><BR>You might check to see if a newer version is available.<BR><BR>GET worked fine. But it *felt* to me like, when I used POST, it was ignoring my "false" value and trying to run asynchronously, which of course you can&#039;t do from a scripting language.<BR><BR>

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