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    I need help <BR><BR>I have recently taken up the task of updating many websites and am attempting to get some html code that allows the user to print a page. What my code does is that it opens and prints a different document but te user NEVER sees this document they simply remain on the original page. <BR><BR>Here is my code: <BR><BR>&#060;p align="right"&#062;&#060;a href="resources.shtml" onclick="window.print()"&#062;Print&#060;/a&#062;&#060;/p&#062; <BR><BR>This code works only in Internet Explorer and I would like it to work in Netscape. Can anyone help me???? <BR><BR>Thank You <BR><BR><BR>__________________ <BR>Sandra Shepherd <BR>Student <BR> <BR>

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    Default It would be *really* hairy... try to do this in Netscape.<BR><BR>You *MIGHT* be able to make it work by using a 100% hidden frame, loading the page to be printed into that hidden frame, and then printing the contents of the frame.<BR><BR>Untested. But you could try it.<BR><BR>

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