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    I create a link in my page like this. <BR>&#060;a href="javascript:parent.openDetail(&#039;&#060;% =Fields("requestnum") %&#062;&#039;,&#039;&#060;%=applicantRequestStatus %&#062;&#039;);"&#062;&#060;b&#062;&#060;% =Fields(sFldName) %&#062;&#060;/b&#062;&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>The fields are coming from a Record Set. And the openDetail function just opens a new window.<BR><BR>My delema: Out of all my users I have 1 that seems to get an error that says: He gets this error every time.<BR><BR>"An error has occurred in the script on this page. <BR>Line: 23<BR>Char: 4<BR><BR>The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable."<BR><BR>It is in a framed page, I belive line 23 is the function that will open a new window.<BR><BR>Also if this is a network problem would it be mine or there&#039;s?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks for any help,<BR>Keith.<BR><BR>

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    Default Show the HTML...

    ...*NOT* the ASP code.<BR><BR>TO do that, *RIGHT* click on that frame in your browser. Click on the VEIW SOURCE menu item in the popup menu that appears.<BR><BR>The HTML source for the frame will pop up in some editor (usually Notepad). Copy/paste the *RELEVANT* portions of the HTML here for us to look at.<BR><BR>I would say copy/paste the &#060;A HREF=...&#062; line that is causing the problem *AND* all of the code in the openDetail function. (That code is in another frame, so you&#039;ll have to capture it separately, but you get the idea.)<BR><BR>WIthout seeing the actual HTML code, I don&#039;t see how we can comment further.<BR><BR>The best thing to do would be to have your user who has the problem do this on his/her machine. Be sure to have him/her tell you what browser and what operating system is in use.<BR><BR>

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