Hi!<BR><BR>Leading on from my question from a few days ago: <BR><BR>I am currently using <BR>&#060;%Response.ContentType = "application/msword"%&#062;<BR><BR>to modify the MIME content type, so that information I pull out from a database and display in the following manner: &#060;%=result("PostalCode")%&#062;, using ASP, is displayed in the browser in Word format.<BR><BR>This works fine and the user can update fields, make modifications to what has been pulled out of the DB, and save the modified document, as required. Printing the single document is fine also, as this uses the built in print features of Word.<BR><BR>What I would like to be able to do is some form of batch printing – i.e. print all records where a surname is “smith”. Is there a way to do this using the current methods that I am employing? I’ve looked at the batch printing / mail merge functionality that is built into Word itself, but am unsure if this can be used in this case.<BR><BR>Also, when a user modifies a docuent in the browser, how easy would it be for the updated fields to be updated in the DB, which houses all the info?<BR><BR>In addition to this, are there any suggestions of the best way that the user would be able to modify the actual document template that I create using the ASP / HTML code?<BR><BR>Any help on any of these queries would be most appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Gavin