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Thread: ASP DLL Problems.

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    Default ASP DLL Problems.

    I&#039;m trying to run the same code that is on our server on my laptop so i can make changes. First i copied all of the code over to my laptop which including Database files, DLLS and the asp code. So the first thing i did was run the register batch file that was made to register the DLLs on my comp. <BR><BR>Well, now when i run the code i get:<BR><BR>UserUIBP (0x800A005B)<BR>Object variable or With block variable not set<BR>/TheBelm/Default.asp, line 14<BR><BR>where the code is:<BR> Dim uiMenuUI<BR> Dim strHelpPages<BR> Dim strMode<BR> <BR> Set uiMenuUI = Server.CreateObject("UserUIBP.MenuUI")<BR> strHelpPages = uiMenuUI.getHelpPages (LINE 14)<BR> strMode = Request("strMode") <BR><BR>To see if it was creating the object i ran a test and did an IsObject(uiMenuUI) test and it came out true. So basically it is line 14 that is messing up for whatever reason. If anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Default Try createobject() instead

    I don&#039;t think you&#039;re running this via IIS on your laptop, right? Just a normal page? Is this ASP anymore?

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    Default RE: ASP DLL Problems.

    This is function isn&#039;t it?<BR><BR> strHelpPages = uiMenuUI.getHelpPages()

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