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    Here&#039;s my problem...<BR><BR>I have a database with roughly 20,0000 records total.. What I am doing is setting up a search script to a user can search this database. The first search works fine, but if a user searches something that has over 200 hits, they will have to refine the search to include more things and narrow it down.<BR><BR>The way I have it now is they can refine the search on any amount of records that are found. But what&#039;s happening is I am not sure how I can refine the search to just those records that were searched originally. I have had to go back and re-search the entire table again (20,000) records and its taking forever. <BR><BR>How can I just go in and just re-search the original recordset that maybe is onyl 200 records now instead of the 20,000 in the original table!<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Well you will have to make a trip

    to the server anyway might as well keep the previous search criteria in a hidden field AND add the new one to it...<BR><BR><BR>if you dont want to do that for some reason, use the filter property of the recordset.<BR><BR>

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