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    I&#039;ve been asked to convert an exisitng web site to But b4 I dive into it, I would like to get the concepts/logic flow clear in my head which is a Herculean task considering I&#039;m just learning<BR><BR>This site has a login page as its default page. A user must login every time and based on his profile information, he is redirected to one of two pages. With this business reqt, I can&#039;t use Forms Authentication on If I can&#039;t use it, how can I secure my pages? I know how to secure my pages in the classic asp way, but how can this be done in the way?<BR><BR>I hope I make sense, but let me know if I don&#039;t. Thanks.<BR>

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    Maybe I am ignorant here, but I think you can use form authentication and do the business logic you want.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Check out this article if you have not already. From what I understand, you can authenticate the user using the very nice features in then redirect them as needed.<BR><BR>Am I missing something?<BR>

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