Hi, <BR><BR>I am currently in the process of creating an intranet-like site and I currently have a link that displays a particular directory on a server through a frame, like <BR><BR>&#060;a href=[some path] target="main"&#062;. <BR><BR>The problem is that if the path contains the name of the server, for example file://happyserver/... and if I then try to browse the main frame with Netscape 4.78, I get a broken link error in that frame. However, if the path contains a drive letter that is mapped to the server, it works. Meanwhile, IE 5.5 gives no such grief when I try to do that. <BR><BR>Since disallowing Netscape 4.78 users to use the site properly isn&#039;t an option, I was wondering if there are any solutions to this problem. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance