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    I was wondering if it&#039;s possible to create a "button" that automatically inserts text into a forms text area.<BR><BR>For example, I have a form with a text area (where people can type comments, etc.). I would like to add a button next to the field that when clicked, it automatically inserts the HTML code for a link. That way the user does not need to know too much HTML to place a link in their message.<BR><BR>Any ideas? I am new to ASP so this may be something completely easy.<BR><BR>Scott G.<BR>(please email me at

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    but why not<BR><BR>in the onclick event call a function (if you want) to insert some text<BR><BR><BR>all that will be there in that function is<BR><BR>FrmName.TextAreaName.value = "The Text"<BR><BR>

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