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    We&#039;re a small office, and I&#039;ve got an ASP intranet set up for various tasks (contact database, invoicing, etc.)<BR><BR>I would like to have a feature (associated with the contact database) where you can pull up a certain person&#039;s information and at the press of a button, it will print a mailing label.<BR><BR>The way I envision it working is: you&#039;d first click the button on the webpage and it will prompt you for the label position (i.e. 2nd column, 3rd row - etc.). From there, it will retrieve the correct recordset from the database, then format a page with the recordset results in the correct x,y coordinates, and send the formatted page to the network printer (where the sheet with the labels is waiting).<BR><BR>I can do everything up to the point where the document needs to be created. Is this a job for crystal reports? Is this something I can do in visual basic? Has anyone done something similar?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Phil Ivers

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    You can display it in the ASP Page to print, you need some tool. You need something like Crystal Report for Web. It is costly affair. Also meaningless for a small office purpose.<BR><BR>Why dont you try do that on VB and invoke it. VB had Datareport in it (VB 6.0) and you can use this feature for doing that.

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