Sharing data between ISAPI filters & ASPs

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Thread: Sharing data between ISAPI filters & ASPs

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    hello,<BR><BR>I am trying to set some variable or value in a ASP & then retrieve it in a ISAPI filter. Is it possible to do this ? If so, please suggest some ideas.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Default Maybe?

    Suppose you created an ActiveX component that was nothing but an interface to a global-level collection.<BR><BR>Suppose your ISAPI filter code read the cookie that ASP gives the browser, in order to grab the SessionID.<BR><BR>Suppose both the ISAPI filter *and* that ASP code could invoke your ActiveX component. So the SessionID becomes the KEY to an entry in the collection, and you can store or retrieve a value via that key from either place.<BR><BR>Handle the threading issues in the component (I&#039;d simply block all other threads until the current one completes, since you will never do more than set or retrieve a key/value pair).<BR><BR>You asked for ideas. That&#039;s all this is. Not well thought through. But maybe???<BR><BR>

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