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    Priti Guest

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    I have a constant problem installing SMTP on my server . I have removed IIS entirely and want to enable SMTP services so i can send mail thru ASP code ( using CDONTS or Third party component ). Can u send me exact prerequisites of this ? Also , what all options ned to be enabled etc .<BR>I have NT server where IIS was installed and all programers connect to it to run their ASP files. That was never a problem , but ever since we tried to install SMTP to test our mailing code , we have had problems . <BR>Net is also conected thru same Server .<BR>What domain name should be specified.

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    Rob Guest

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    Priti:<BR><BR>sorry but you either have your terminology confused or you are confused. You need IIS installed to do anything. You need option pack 4. Then you need to install smtp service from it and configure it.<BR><BR>Please see this<BR><BR><BR>Rob

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    Priti Guest

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    What i said was that I reinstalled IIS to have SMTP working . But since it started giving problem . I have at the moment removed NT oprion pack 4. <BR>I am waiting to get help so I can reinstall the whole thing , this time without any errors.<BR><BR>Priti

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    Samuel Guest

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    I dont know if this will help, but I was having severe probs using the mail as SMTP was screwed up on my server.<BR>If you resinstall the SMTP service, it should sort itself out by repointing to the correct folders. Here is the page with the info I used...<BR><BR><BR><BR>someone also posted this info to me on this board last week. It sorted me out.<BR><BR>-Samuel

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