XMLHTTP POST problem. (I know -- crosspost)

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Thread: XMLHTTP POST problem. (I know -- crosspost)

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    This is sort of a repost from yesterday. I&#039;m also going to cross post it in the ASP forum, so please don&#039;t flame me!<BR><BR>I am having a problem using the XMLHTTP object to do POST&#039;s. The problem is very specific and repeatable. The first POST made after the local IIS is restarted always fails at the XMLHTTP.send(data) method. It never makes it to the remote ASP file expecting the request.<BR><BR>If I simply press the stop button, or refresh the page, all subsequent POST&#039;s are sucessful. The request is sent and the response is received. Has anyone come accross this sort of behavior? Read about it? Had a late night dream about it? I&#039;ll take anything!

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    Perhaps, the IIS has trouble resolving the remote server on the first go and afterwards, know now where it is and can resolve it. I am just hypothesizing since we had a similar problem with an ODBC connection.<BR><BR>MSDN suggests using the object ServerXMLHTTP object instead for issues of resolving proxies etc., so maybe the network resolving issue (as you are experiencing) is fixed with ServerXMLHTTP.<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/xmlsdk30/htm/xmobjxmldomserverxmlhttp.asp<BR><BR>Just a thought, and you said you&#039;d take anything!<BR><BR>Reginald Dawson

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