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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have two sets of text field on my ASP page, there &#039;s one text field with the same name called username on both set. When performing the SQL insert action (rsSQL = "Insert into Users (UserName, UserID..etc), The value of the usename field turn out different. (Note: you can only insert one set at one time) For the first set, it somehow add a &#039;,&#039; AFTER the value and for the second set it add a &#039;,&#039; BEFORE the value. I find it quite weird. Anyone know why?<BR><BR>Everything seems ok if I remove one of the set.<BR><BR>James

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    Default show sql....!!!


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    Default If you have 2 fields..

    .. that have the same name on 1 form... the values of the 2 textboxes are concatenated together with a comma-space delimiter.<BR><BR>That&#039;s by design -- think checkboxes.

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