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    I&#039;m trying to generate a date in a text box that will be 5 "working days" more than today&#039;s date. (So I can&#039;t include Saturdays and Sundays)<BR>I can use DateAdd for the 5 days but I don&#039;t know how to exclude Saturday and Sunday.<BR>Can anyone help me?

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    Default Weekday() function.

    Write a loop that adds days to a base date. And, then keep a counter of the # of weekdays. Once the weekday counter hits 5, stop looping.<BR><BR>More information about the function can be found here:<BR>

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    Default Not to be simplistic... but

    cant you just do a dateadd with 7 days. 5 days is the length of the work week, so if it is monday, then the 5 working day is next monday (aka 7 days). if it is friday the 5th working day is next friday...<BR><BR>thus dateadd(dy,7,today)<BR><BR>sponge

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