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    I have an applet that I wrote that needs to update a database. Because of security restrictions inherint in an applet and also the HTTP protocol, this really isn't feasable to try to do the updating through the applet. So, I decided to try to call an asp page from the applet using the URL object and pass in as parameters in the URL querystring the update information. When I run my applet, I'm getting an error that says no content-type. So, in my asp page, I tried to do a response.content-type = "text/html". That didn't seem to help. So, I guess my main question is, has anyone else used an applet to call an asp page before and if so, how did you get it to work? Thanks.

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    Instead of using the query string, try writing binary data to the URL stream. And in ASP use the ReadBinary to read in the data. This should work for you.

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