Hi,<BR><BR> I have a main site that is done totally in Perl. Each webpage gets its menu bars, ad bars, colors etc from a database schema in my_sql. Each webpage calls perl cgi scripts that get all this stuff out of the database..the content of the webpage then is printed through a Perl print statement that prints all of the HTML code...now, somebody has created a mini website totally in ASP (VBScript)..it runs on another server and connects to a SQL server 2k database server..I want to incorporate this mini-website into the main perl website...this mini-website will be accessed through a link on the menu bar (the menu bar gets generated by one of the perl cgi scripts that each webpage calls)..how do I accomplish this? Does anyone know of any ways...I would basically need to pass the HTML output of my ASP webpage to the perl template that, after creating the menu bars, ad bars etc of the web page, outputs this HTML through the Perl print statement, right? Can anyone tell me how I would do this, or does anyone know a better way of doing this integration..I would much appreciate any help..If not, then could anyone at least tell me about any good PERL forums where I could ask this question (this issue is kind of related to both ASP and Perl that&#039;s why I am asking it here as well, plus I don&#039;t know of any good Perl forums)..<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Saad<BR>