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    I have created a session variable array on my homepage by using:<BR><BR>dim purchases(20,2)<BR>session("pur")=purchases<BR><BR >On another page i have:<BR>selection = session("pur")<BR><BR>How do i,<BR>1. Read and write to individual cells in selection (i have tried selection(x,y) but cant get it to work)?<BR>2. Save the array selection back into session("pur") at the end of my page?<BR><BR>Any help would be fantastic, Thankyou

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    Default ASPFAQs, category Arrays

    The link to the ASPFAQs is at the top right corner of most every page on this site, including the one you are reading now.<BR><BR>Yes, there is an FAQ, in that category, that *exactly* answers your question.<BR><BR>Follow the coding patterns there *carefully*.<BR><BR>

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