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    Hi, I running Windows 2000 Server with 800MB and a single P3 450 processor.<BR><BR>I&#039;m hosting 4 web sites on this server but there&#039;s just one which is really causing me problems. When I execute certain scripts, the page just hangs and hangs and hangs (this causes all the other sites to hang also). The only way to get out of it is to restart IIS.<BR><BR>The page did use On Error Resume Next to do custom error handling but I&#039;ve disabled this. Because the page is hanging, I still don&#039;t get an error code. I&#039;ve tried changing the timeout for the site but it seems that IIS is actually foobar by this point.<BR><BR>ANyone got any suggestions??

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    What&#039;s hanging? Particular pages? What&#039;s on htem? Instances of FSO? Do you have Norton Anti-Virus installed on that machine?

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