OK, this one has me completely baffled.<BR><BR>I am using msxml2.xmlhttp40 to post a request to a remote ASP, and parse the returned XML as needed. Simple, right? Not so fast. I am having some confusing behavior.<BR><BR>In my remote ASP page, I create/instanciate an object which handles the requests -- basically passing in references of the ASP objects to the .dll. Right now, I simply do a response.write of the original XML request in order to prove to myself that I made it there. Straight forward.<BR><BR>When I use the HTTP object in a standard test VB executable on my client machine, I get the response back instantly and without a problem. However, if I put the exact(well, almost obviously) same code in an ASP page on my client machine, it never makes it to instanciate the object on the remote machine. I know this because I have some simple logging to determine if the object is called.<BR><BR>One more bizzare fact. If I FIRST run the Win32 app and get a response, THEN run the ASP version on my client machien, I get the response instantly.<BR><BR>Confusing?<BR><BR>Anyone know wazzup with this? It just doesn&#039;t make ANY sense to me!<BR><BR>