I have a stored procedure returning multiple XML Documents. Usually I receive it this way for single documents<BR><BR>try<BR> {<BR> sXML= oXmlCriteria.OuterXml;<BR><BR> //set the connection<BR> conQP = new SqlConnection(mConnectionString);<BR> <BR> //fill the paramters<BR> cmdQP = new SqlCommand("rptReportRequestHandler", conQP);<BR> cmdQP.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;<BR> cmdQP.Parameters.Add("@reportInput", sXML);<BR> <BR> parmReturn = cmdQP.Parameters.Add("ReturnValue", SqlDbType.Int);<BR> parmReturn.Direction = ParameterDirection.ReturnValue;<BR><BR> //run the procedure<BR> conQP.Open();<BR><BR>Any thoughts on how to do it for multiple XML documents?