I had a hard drive crash on my system at home, so I decided to upgrade to .NET with the rebuild on a new drive. I really did not research .NET all that much and was suprised when I found that Visual InterDev was not part of the package. It looks like the Visual Studio Interface is what you use now to work on web apps. My question is this after playing with the tool for several hours last night.<BR><BR>I have a Web App on a server that is located in a datacenter. When I would use VS 6.0 with Interdev, I would connect to it through the tool and it would rebuild my web app on my local machine at home so that I could edit the pages from home, but it would change them on the server. I could also edit my SQL databases through Interdev. <BR><BR>I have figured out how to create a project, but could not figure out how to work on the pages on the server from this tool. I did figure out how to add a data connection and work on my SQL database through the tool though which is good. <BR><BR>I have done some reading and I am not sure if I can actually work the way that I used to through interdev. Can I work that way or am I going to have to create web apps offline and then deploy them through the .NET deployment process. If this is what I need to do, can anyone spell out the steps I need to take to make it all work. I have windows 2000 running on the server and have not added any .NET patches to it. What will need to be installed on the server and how can I work from home and add it to the server. Should I just install VS 6 again? I was really looking forward to working in this new tool, but do not know where to start. I really need to make a quick update on the site before getting too involved in trying to learn all this new .Net stuff.<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Patrick