I am trying to create a project with Visual Interdev and am running into a problem. I have an IIS 4 and IIS 5 machine available for this, so if you are more familiar with one or the other, it does not matter. I am trying to create a Virtual Directory where the contents from from a directory outside of /wwwroot. I can create the directory from within IIS with no problems, but then when I point Interdev to the server and try to select an existing web from the list, it does not appear. I believe this is b/c FPSE are not setup, but I could be wrong. The other way I can set up this Virtual Directory is to do is straight from Interdev and just opt to create new application on the server, but then it sets the default content directory to a folder within /wwwroot, and you cannot edit it. Well, maybe you can, (I forget now), but something bombs otherwie I'd be doing that. :) Thanks in advance!