Saving totalbytes of an ASP file

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Thread: Saving totalbytes of an ASP file

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    Michael P Guest

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    NOTE this is for use in a VB Webclass, but an ASP solution can be ported to VB easily.<BR>I&#039ve tried the request.totalbytes method, but since I use request.form, the totalbytes blows up. Is there another easy way to see how big a page is? Basically I&#039m trying to build some statistics and I don&#039t want to use the IIS logs. I want to see the exact amoutn of data sent out for each page.

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Ugly Solution: Buffer your entire page into a string and then simply len(string). This will probably kill your site performance, but it will work...<BR><BR>Addendum: for every "src=" in your document, extract the url and use the FSO to get the file size. Then you get a page, attachements and all.

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