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    hi,<BR>there are two comboboxes to select two dates.On selecting the dates the difference between the dates should be reflected in the textbox beneath it.<BR>How do i do it?<BR>thanx in advance..<BR>Mary

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    you can use an onFocus() javascript event in the second combobox to call a javascript function that writes the difference between the two dates into textbox below.<BR><BR>e.g. &#060;select name="date2" onFocus="return dateFunction()"&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Default Call a function..

    .. on the onChange event of both select boxes.<BR><BR>The function will need to calculate the difference (presumably in days) and then write it to the textbox.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll want to write the function in JavaScript. A great JavaScript reference is:<BR>http://www.irt.org/

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