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    Forgive the newbie question but I just can&#039;t find an answer anywhere. I&#039;m using an SQL query like "SELECT SUM(rating) from Reviews" and don&#039;t know how to display the results once i&#039;ve got the recordset. The only way I can think of how to do it is to loop through using a for/next loop like:<BR><BR>for each x in RSReviewRecordset.Fields<BR> Response.Write x.Value<BR>next<BR><BR>That seems clunky - is there an easier way to display results out of a recordset from SQL Queries using SUM, COUNT(*) or AVG?

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    Default You have to assign an alias

    SELECT SUM(Amount) as TotalAmount FROM TheTable<BR><BR>In your asp page you use<BR><BR>Response.Write RecordSet ("TotalAmount")<BR><BR>You could also use the ordinal position (starting at 0 )<BR><BR>SELECT CustomerID, SUM(Amount) as TotalAmount FROM Orders<BR>GROUP BY CustomerID<BR><BR>Response.Write RecordSet(1) returns the totalamount<BR><BR>

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