How do I create a database on a remote server?

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Thread: How do I create a database on a remote server?

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    Default How do I create a database on a remote server?

    Part of my web hosting package includes an SQL server database. The problem is that I dont know how to create a database on it, remotely from my pc. <BR><BR>Here&#039;s what my web hosting service has to say:<BR><BR>"Notes: We provide the server and databases. We do not directly manage or manipulate the databases for users. If you wish to use SQL databases you should have basic knowledge on managing the database across a web site.<BR><BR>MS SQL database manipulation management is done remotely using Enterprise Manager or SQL server assistant, both of which are obtainable from Microsoft. Some MS SQL applications can be managed at the web site level. Contact your MS SQL application vendor is you require further assistance."<BR><BR>My question is how do I "manage a database across a web site". I tried using the Import/Export tool in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager to transfer an existing database on my system to the server at my web host, but I keep on getting this error:<BR><BR>ERROR SOURCE: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server<BR>ERROR DESCRIPTION: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(ParseConnectParams()).]Invalid Connection.<BR>CONTEXT: Error during initialization of the provider<BR><BR>Is there another way to do this transferring, or a way to create a database on their server from my own pc at home, from scratch?

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    Default Once you know how

    it&#039;s actually pretty easy :-)<BR><BR>1) Go to the &#039;Client Network Utility&#039; and add a new server alias.<BR><BR>Choose TCP/IP as the connection protocol and add the servername<BR>This should be something like Ask your provider.<BR>If they don&#039;t give you a portnumber, just check the checkbox &#039;determine port automatically&#039;<BR><BR>2) Go the the enterprise manager and add a new SQL Server registration. Choose the aliasname you just created.<BR><BR>3) Create your database.<BR><BR>Most providers (at least mine) are willing to restore a backup of your local db into their db. You would have to email them the backup, and they restore it for you.

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