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    I am looking for a script that scrolls text vertically. It depends on the content of the text when the scrolling will stop. For example the scrolling has to stop for a certain time when the "&#060;H1&#062;" tag appears in the top line of a text-area. Is this possible?<BR><BR>Thanx<BR>Theo

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    Does the vertically scrolling text have to live in a &#039;text-area&#039; box?<BR>What you&#039;re asking is definitely possible. As far as implementing it- I would say it depends on how much text there is to scroll, where the text is coming from, whether the text is going to repeat endlessly or happen once and stop forever, how many tags will change its behaviour, etc.<BR><BR>I would suggest you ditch the text-area box for a more professional look, use a Netscape Layer or an IE div, and move another Layer/Div within that one up a few pixels every n milliseconds and inside the moving div you could put your text. If it&#039;s a lot of text, you could break it into an array of lines, each 50-100 chars long (making sure to only split lines on a w) then scan each element of the array for the &#039;&#060;H1&#062;&#039; (or whatever you are looking for) with a regular expression. If it finds a &#039;&#060;H1&#062;&#039; then the setTimeout() will get a longer interval. I don&#039;t know, maybe there&#039;s a simpler way than that even.<BR><BR>If you just want to find a script that already does this, I&#039;m sure it exists and I think might have seen one before on a site like

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