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    With the spam problem that&#039;s going on because email addresses are being taken from this site, what would the effects of this have:<BR><BR>Create a script that uses FSO (see FAQ&#039;s!) and just makes up a million fake email addresses. Then post that page to this site. No, would a address stealing spider think it hit the mother load. Would it then take these 1 million fake made up addresses and try to spam them. If so, would that tie up some spam *****&#039;s server?

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    Default Unfortunately..

    .. many spammers find SMTP servers that allow relaying.<BR><BR>So, you&#039;d be screwing some poor Joe Schmoe and not the spammer.

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    Default my thoughts

    in short, no. it would tie up the internet with junk tcp/ip packets... with no destination in sight, they could go on forever, unless the TTL (time to live) in the IP header is set reasonably, like 20 or so. so... DON&#039;T DO IT!!!<BR><BR><BR><BR>;-)

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