Hello all,<BR><BR>Name is Michael Firth, a ASP/ASP.Net Developer from Atlanta, GA. I am announcing my availabilty to all of those looking for a developer to do some work at only a small price. I do not charge by the hour but by the application. And I only get paid when the job gets done. <BR><BR>Examples of applications I do:<BR>Shopping Carts<BR>Newsletters<BR>Form submission based programs<BR>Database driven applications(SQL Server and Access)<BR>Search Engines<BR>and many more.<BR><BR>I am also experineced in other web languages such as:<BR>Cold Fusion<BR>Javascript<BR>VBScript <BR>XML<BR>SQL<BR>HTML<BR>DHTML<BR><BR>I do also provide general web design using dreamweaver. And also small application programs in VB that are database driven.<BR>URL&#039;s and references available upon request.<BR><BR>Most projects only require about 1 week turnaround. Full websites can be done in about a month. <BR><BR>To contact me just email at the following addresses and I will get back to you:<BR><BR>mfirth@mail.com<BR>firthman2000@yahoo. com<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Michael W. Firth